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Your Guide to Sustainable Success

As an ambitious professional, you know the struggle of juggling career goals,
personal life, and well-being.

But what if you could have it all without burning out?

  • Proven Framework: Over 15 years of research into a unique approach that delivers results in weeks, not years

  • Holistic Focus: I don't just tackle your professional aspirations – we'll cultivate harmony across your career, health, and personal life

  • Personalized Programs: Highly customized solutions tailored specifically for driven professionals like you

  • Active Collaboration: No passive listening – I'll actively problem-solve and strategize with you during our sessions

  • Unwavering Support: From in-session guidance to WhatsApp availability, I'm committed to your transformation until you feel truly empowered

Success Stories

My unique approach has produced some phenomenal results


Zack Zeller
CEO of ZZ Media

One of the biggest thing Dani helped me with was understanding that I have a lot of ADD tendencies and the way that I was working was actually made my ADD worse, because I was creating more stress and pressure on myself, which was causing me to feed into the more chaotic unfocused side of my brain.

It's not about me being more productive, it's about me creating a work experience that supports my brain chemistry,. That was huge for me!


Amy Coleman

"I believe others living in a constant state of fight or flight would greatly benefit from this kind of guidance."

Before I started this journey, my anxiety levels were at a 10. It was horribly high and literally debilitating.

Now, they hover around a two or three. I've been dealing with anxiety and trauma for a long time—probably since childhood—and it kept me in a constant state of fight or flight.

Although I didn't expect quick fixes, since I've lived this way for about 45 years, our sessions have equipped me with the tools to calm my logical brain and resist old patterns. Every session has been worthwhile, helping me to finally start living the life I want, creating what I need and giving myself proper care.

I tried traditional therapy briefly, but it wasn't what I needed.

Working with you, I've most significantly improved my relationship with myself. I no longer sweep issues under the carpet, as I was taught growing up. Facing pain is now a part of my life, and I've learned that the things we resist will persist. By allowing my thoughts to come and go without acting on them, I've gained a healthier perspective.

Anyone open to holistic methods will find this approach the only way to truly heal and find relief from anxiety.

Amy's story: Slashing decades of anxiety in a few weeks


Zach Loke
SEO Manager

"Your coaching has been instrumental in my progress, and I recommend it to anyone who feels stuck or wants to take control of their professional life creatively. It's not just about changing external circumstances but shifting one's mindset, which fundamentally alters how we perceive and interact with our world."

Every time I have a session with you, I feel incredibly motivated to work. I would definitely recommend you, especially to self-employed individuals and business owners. Initially, my main struggle was with motivation. I wanted to be more productive and ensure my business success.

I spoke with many friends and mentors who suggested becoming accountability partners. However, this only provided a temporary boost, and soon after, I would return to my previous state. You helped me realize that my challenges were not due to laziness; I simply didn't know the best ways or situations to enhance my readiness for work.

Together, we addressed my energy levels throughout the day and improved my sleep habits. These changes not only enhanced my business performance but also positively impacted my personal life, making me happier and more energetic overall.

One of the greatest benefits of working with you has been the insights into my own behaviors and thoughts. Having you as a sounding board allowed me to realize things about myself that I would not have otherwise acknowledged. These realizations often led to significant "AHA" moments, profoundly shifting my perspective.

Thank you for your invaluable guidance, it has been a transformative experience.

Zach's story: From stuck to succesfull



Agency Owner

Daniela is really an amazing performance coach to work with.

What Daniela did for me was to show me how to re balance myself to make sure that I was always at the top of my game, even when I was on just 4 hours of sleep for close to 2-3 months.

As a result, my first month after working with her, I had a breakthrough in my business, where I hit my first 5 figure month as a marketer.

On top of that she has also helped me to manage both my personal and business relationships better.

Now I’m doing much better because of her and I’m earning more, while working less.


Oz Merchant
Founder of Founders Local -

"I highly recommend other entrepreneurs seek her out to get assistance with releasing mental, emotional, and physical tension."

I reached out to Daniela to learn more about her work with entrepreneurs after seeing she worked with tension release. I wasn't sure exactly what I would be experiencing.

Daniela gently guided me to become more aware of my body and specifically the back pain I was experiencing. Through a series of questions, we cycled through accepting the pain rather than fueling it with resistance. In a short 20 min, the pain went from a 7 to a 1 and has remained diminished.

She was a delight to work with and offered some further explanation on what I had just experienced.


Swati A.
IT Engineer

"She has made a profound difference in my life, and I am truly grateful for her support."

Daniela is an incredibly compassionate and caring therapist who genuinely cares about her clients' well-being, and goes above and beyond for them.

She creates a safe and welcoming space where I felt comfortable opening up about my struggles and concerns. Her empathetic and non-judgmental approach made it easy for me to share my thoughts and feelings.

One of the things I appreciate most about Daniela is her commitment to helping her clients. It is clear that she really wants to see her clients succeed. She doesn't just listen and nod; she provides incredibly helpful tips and strategies.

She actively engages in our sessions, offering guidance and practical advice that I can implement in my daily life.

I highly recommend Daniella as a therapist. Her compassion, dedication, and ability to provide valuable guidance have been instrumental in my personal growth and healing journey.

If you are seeking a therapist who genuinely cares about your well-being and is committed to helping you, Daniella is an excellent choice.


Francesca Pinna

"I no longer have panic attacks and my mood has become much more stable over time"

Daniela helped me to better manage my thoughts and emotions.

I am now much more aware of what I think and feel and how that affects me.I can better visualize the life I want and be proactive when facing changes.

Difficult times still happen sometimes but I can manage them with more clarity


Claudia Demarchi
Founder of Scuola Cinofila Demarchi

"Now I have a completely different ability to manage anxiety"

I have better relationships with people, because I know how I feel and communicate it better, I feel more empathetic and this makes me more confident and serene.

The relationship with my family also improved, and with it the levels of anxiety and stress it used to bring into my life.


Maria Elisabetta M.

"Today, It is definitely a healthier, more balanced and conscious life. I feel that I can face even critical situation without feeling overwhelmed "

I had great difficulty in self-regulation: with emotions, with food, in relationships with others. I was highly unstable in all aspects of my life, even reaching very serious depressive states, with strong self-injurious and suicidal tendencies. In some cases borderline to a psychotic state

By working with Daniela I became a more stable, more centered and confident person. I managed to conclude a university degree that I had left pending for years.

I also became an incredibly more flexible and positive person, managing to eradicate, little by little, years and years of deeply crystallized self-destructive patterns that I never believed I would ever be able to let go.


Elisa P.
Membership Executive

"I was surprised that I was able to get tangible results in a fairly short amount of time"

I have always suffered from anxiety and have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. 

I lived my life in a constant state of anxiety, even the smallest task at work became a big mountain to climb and I had the tendency to catastrophise every situation.

Daniela helped me to deal better with my anxiety and stress. She also helped me to be more introspective and listen to what I want instead of doing what is expected of me or what other people want me to do.

Now, I feel more confident and positive about my life than before. I also feel more centered in a way.


Alessia U.

"My life became much more fulfilling and this gave me positivity and energy"

I was suffering from burnout due to work, moreover I was in a toxic relationship with my ex-boyfriend.

Life was very miserable. I thought something was wrong with me because I could not enjoy a job and a boyfriend that were considered cool by everyone else around me. I often felt depressed and out of energy.

Working with Daniela, I realized what gives me positive energy and what I like doing and being.

Daniela helped me putting myself at the top of my priority list and therefore gave me the strength to make the right decisions, even if difficult in that specific moment. 

I felt myself again and I didn't feel ashamed while looking at myself in the mirror as I wasn't hurting myself anymore with the wrong choices.


Ambra Galdi

"She helped me overcome guilt, trauma, fear and anxiety and to eradicate that idea that I could not do anything alone, by myself"

With Daniela, I immediately felt at ease, not judged, understood and listened to. 

I managed to do things on my own that used to terrifify me. I took a train alone, had a plane trip, drove for miles, started two courses, slept alone in a hotel and also in the house where my mother took her own life.

If they had told me even just a few months before that  I would have been able to do all those things by myself, I would never have believed them.

Before working with Daniela, I wandered around, never consciously choosing, I was not in control of my life. 

I take things that scare me as a challenge now.

Sure, there still  are no-days, but they have a different flavor now. 

Daniela in addition to being an incredibly capable professional is a empathic, human, maternal person. She is a specialist in the human mind and soul.

I can only be immensely grateful for what she has done for me.


Benedetta Facchini

"I know a lot about of myself now and I have tools to help me face and build the life that I really want"

I contacted Daniela for my anxiety. I had low self-esteem and my mind was full of worries and thoughts.

I used to be conditioned by mental patterns and limiting beliefs built over the years and I felt trapped as if I could not take my own choices for my own good.

After working with Daniela, I was able to take decisions that I needed to take but were looking scary before, like completing my degree course, taking my driver license, leaving my job and even moving to another country.


Maria Morgana

"I generally feel more in control of my life and my self. I am more present. I have better relationships with my work mates, my boss, my friends, my parents"

When I reached out to Daniela, my sleep issues got out of hand. 

I used to experience dissatisfaction almost daily. I did not feel in control most of the time: at work, with my family, my life style, relationships.

 I was very easy to lose my emotional balance and every little problem would throw into an anxiety state. I was also a very self-critical overthinker.

Now, my sleep has improved. I experience less mood swings and anxiety. I have more focus and clarity of mind.

I have tools to manage negative feelings arising in situations and I feel much more confident, spontaneous and joyous than before. 


Alice Baccile
Dancer & Performer at Staatstheater Braunschweig

"She frames the mechanism that create the problem very quickly and manages to redirect the person towards a proper functioning as a human being."

She and her mission are one.

Her approach considers the person as a totality: mind, body, soul, heart and spirit.

Her only interest is to help the person find his true self and establish false beliefs.
I can’t do anything but thank the Universe that made her appear in my life.


Riccardo M.
Transformational coach

"Working with her was a journey of both healing from the past and understanding more about my true self"

I contacted Daniela because I had many unanswered questions. Talking with her not only gave me the opportunity to answer some of them but also to rephrase and explore more of what I could think at the beginning of the journey.
She has not only supported me in being more in connection with my body and emotions but also in my spiritual evolution.

Daniela has the ability to meet you where you are and support you in your own journey. She has the ability to evolve her service over time and on the different phases and challenges faced in life.

She has an incredible human touch creating a strong welcoming and trusting environment. 


Dario Immordino
Consultant at BIP Consulting

"With her help, I’ve been able to frame and hit the right goals to improve both personally and professionally."

Daniela is a great coach, extremely prepared and competent.
Thanks to her, I’ve managed to become a more balanced person and aware of my means and abilities

VALENCIA, Alboraya, 46120 Spain

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